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Standards of Care by Beth Saulnier, Weill Cornell Medicine Magazine


Bay Area Reporter: May 7, 2015
NY Times: March 30, 2015

Radio interviews

Blog Talk Radio/The Amy Beth Arkaway Show with Amy Beth Arkaway (begins at minute 1:53)
Blog Talk Radio/Breakfast With Books with Cyrus Webb
Blog Talk Radio/Liberal Fix with Keith Brekhus and Naomi Minogue (begins at minute 4:40)
KFAI/Northern Sun News (begins at minute 3:00)

Interview about Narrative Medicine

YouTube video for Voices in the Band

Praise for Voices in the Band

“Susan C. Ball’s Voices in the Band accomplishes, with its writerly nuance and tact, what few memoirs or illness narratives even try for. Quietly, tenderly, without bombast, she gives depth and power and meaning to the patients and caregivers she represents. I feel comforted and elated by reading this account of decades of AIDS care, because Dr. Ball shows the capacity of us humans to deeply, daringly engage with one another at our times of greatest need. This book will become the next classic in AIDS literature, revealing not only triumphs in AIDS health care but also transcendent hope for profound care on this mortal earth. What a voice. What voices.”
—Rita Charon, Program in Narrative Medicine, Columbia University

“This is an extraordinary tale of a courageous young woman doctor and her team as they care for people who will not bend in the face of extraordinary challenges. It explores a joint journey between physician and patient through stories that are probing and personal and life changing.”
—Jeffrey Laurence, MD, Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College

“Susan C. Ball’s lively and beautifully written memoir of her twenty years working at an AIDS clinic in a major New York City hospital is a moving account that traces the dramatic changes in AIDS treatment over the last decades and gives poignant voice to a group of socially marginalized and colorful characters who come to life as they would in a novel. Above all, Voices in the Band is a portrait of a vibrant community of doctors and patients, filled with dramatic scenes and imbued with Ball’s idealism, intelligence, and dedication.”
—Lynne Sharon Schwartz, author of Disturbances in the Field and Ruined by Reading

“The early AIDS epidemic forced doctors, hospitals, and entire communities to confront what it really means to care—even in the face of fear and stigma. Voices in the Band tells a deeply personal story of courage and professionalism. The book resonates with the latest Ebola epidemic and helps us recall a deeply important chapter of American medicine. Great stories, real insights.”
—Paul Volberding, MD, Professor of Medicine